Missouri Study Abroad: A Clear Advantage

The state of Missouri sends nearly 6,000 students abroad each year, putting it above the national average (Open Doors, 2018). Including the University of Missouri system, nine public universities and a wide array of private colleges and universities, Missouri boasts nearly seventy institutions of  higher learning as defined by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Members of the Study Missouri Consortium are working together to grow study abroad participation within individual institutions and collectively across the state.  Through the Study Abroad Committee, active members are developing awareness of best practices; collaborating on professional development; seeking increased communications and investigating funding opportunities.  Take a look at the following institutions’ study abroad contacts and programming available below:


Contact Person

Contact Email

Study Abroad Program
Harris-Stowe State UniversitySabrina M. Brownbrownsab@hssu.eduInternational Programs at Harris-Stowe State University provide leadership and support for internationally-oriented teaching, research and community engagement. Our vision is to prepare students for a changing world by fostering cross-cultural competencies and encouraging global citizenship. We do not travel to recruit internationally yet we have 3% of our student population that are international students. Our objectives are to promote globally-oriented knowledge and activities across the state and in partnership with the greater St. Louis Community; To help create a community and society responsive to the increasingly global needs and obligations of citizenship; Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at HSSU.
University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL)Nate Daughertystudyabroad@umsl.eduUMSL has over 100 programs in 45 countries. Students can go for a few weeks, semester, or even a year. We also have numerous scholarships.
Central Methodist UniversityCatherine Baxtercbaxter@centralmethodist.eduCentral Methodist University offers study abroad opportunities which will complement any major field of study.
Lindenwood UniversityElizabeth Snellesnell@lindenwood.edu‘Real Experience, Real Success.’
St. Louis Community CollegeChris Sulincevski
One person working with faculty and global education coordinators on the four campuses to develop, promote, and manage short and semester long study abroad programs every year.
Metropolitan Community College – Kansas CityN/AN/AWhile there is no study abroad office, individual faculty take students on short-term trips as a part of their courses.
University of Central MissouriMatt Chiesichiesi@ucmo.eduThe study abroad office offers UCM students hundreds of possibilities, including low cost exchange programs, faculty-led tours, 3rd party program providers, and consortium programs. We facilitate advising, application assistance, course credit transfer, and risk management.
Missouri Southern State UniversityStacey Clayclay-s@mssu.edu The mission of the International Admissions and Student Services office is to enhance the stated values and visions for Missouri Southern State University. We serve and advocate for future, current and international alumni throughout the recruitment process, their academic career, and professional development. We strive to facilitate international education to Missouri Southern State University students, faculty, staff and the Joplin community.
Saint Louis UniversityAnnie Cavedineanne.cavedine@slu.eduSaint Louis University (SLU)offers partners with more than 40 study abroad programs all over the world, including a variety of short-term and summer programs. SLU even has a campus in Madrid, Spain for students who are looking to spend a summer, semester, year or even a full 4 years abroad. Our study abroad team works to support all international student travel at Saint Louis University and to help students prepare for their international experience prior to departure, while they are abroad, and upon their return to campus here in St. Louis.
Webster University
Kelly Heath (Study Abroad) and Kim McGrath (WINS)
With its home campus in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Webster University comprises an action-oriented global network of faculty, staff, students and alumni who forge powerful bonds with each other and with their communities around the globe. Founded in 1915, Webster is a private non-profit university with students studying at campus locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa and in a robust learning environment online. The Office of Study Abroad and WINS support study abroad students from Webster and across the international partner network.

In Their Words

Study Missouri’s membership is comprised of dynamic international educators committed to the internationalization of higher education and to providing quality programs.  Here’s what members’ representatives have to say about the importance of study abroad:

What is your personal perspective on the importance of study abroad?

Studying abroad is very important to the campus community and the state of Missouri to help students have opportunities to see the world outside of the local worldview.  Global opportunities are not far away in terms of business and careers, and our office supports students who are interested in being global leaders.

I think it’s truly a transformational experience. I wouldn’t trade my own experience of living abroad for anything.

Study abroad opportunities that allow students of color to learn about themselves and their culture, is vital in building their self-esteem and confidence as it prepares them for a competitive work force.

It is essential for 21st Century life.

Students gain greater insight into their own personal strengths and aspirations and gain a sense of independence, courage and self-confidence that will impact their lives long after they return to the U.S.

What do you see as the biggest strengths or opportunities for Missouri students?

An abundance of willing, curious students
Many students haven’t traveled much so it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to new places and culture
Make a great difference in the academic development of students
Missourians are practical and eager to learn about the world
Focus on natural sites and research opportunities for multiple disciplines

Get the Academic Advantage

Studying abroad improves your foreign language skills and immerses you in a culture different from your own.  Becoming fluent in a different language exercises your brain’s ability to process information, provides a better understanding of your own language and helps you converse and read with improved meaning.

Immersion in another country’s culture and history provides context for your understanding of world events and current political affairs. Your study abroad experience will have application to an infinite range of academic pursuits. Whether you study business, literature, political science, agriculture, history, journalism or any other academic field, being able to compare and contrast your own culture with those of other countries provides many new insights into your chosen field.

Get the Personal Advantage

Studying abroad gives you confidence and the skills you need to adapt to a changing world.  The ability to navigate, converse and engage with citizens of another country expands your capacity to adapt to situations you may encounter later in life. It builds your knowledge that, when confronted with challenges, you will have the confidence to approach them with a positive attitude.

Studying abroad also provides a better understanding of your own culture and values. It requires you to think critically about the “givens” of your own life and surroundings compared to the experiences of citizens of other countries. This exploration of other cultures enriches you personally while preparing you to consider the needs and values of others.

Get the Professional Advantage

Technology and commerce bring nations together now more than ever. Studying abroad equips you with the tools you will need to be successful in the global economy.

Studying abroad teaches you to adapt to other cultures and values in order to engage with potential colleagues from around the world. The ability to act and converse appropriately in another country is seen as an asset to companies that do business beyond U.S. shores.

Missouri institutions that offer study abroad opportunities also provide support systems that help you translate your experiences in another country to your career goals. Studying abroad helps build a résumé that potential employers will notice because it signifies your ambition and ability to succeed in different, sometimes challenging situations.

Considering a study abroad experience?

Learn more!

If you are considering a study abroad experience, use this website to link to member institutions’ study abroad programs. Click on the institution name; on the institution’s home page search for “study abroad.” You will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge by taking advantage of these opportunities.