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Study in Missouri – For Parents Abroad

Why send your student to Missouri?

We want your student to experience all that an education in the U.S.A. has to offer. Sending your student to study in Missouri has many advantages: excellent academic programs, low cost of living, welcoming communities and beautiful campuses. Use this website to explore the many facets of studying in Missouri, such as

  • The experiences of international students pursuing their degrees in Missouri
  • Photos of friendly faces and lovely campuses all across the state
  • Academic fields of study available in Missouri
  • Detailed information about each institutional member of Study Missouri
  • State and campus events that provide opportunities for your student to network with other study abroad and international students

Where is Missouri?

Missouri is located in the heart of America
Missouri - the heart of america

What Programs Are Offered?

Visit our member institutions page, then visit our Colleges and Degrees Search page for a full listing of programs offered.

How Do I Contact Someone?

Visit our about us page for contact information options.


Study Abroad – For Parents in Missouri

A world of travel and study opportunities is open to your student. Use this Study Missouri website to explore the advantages of international education.

Click on links to specific Study Missouri member
to find details of their international programs. Each member institution has support staff dedicated to ensuring your student has the resources needed to succeed in international education.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy. Photo by Danielle Sprowl, 2012 International Education Photo Contest Winner

If your student is considering a study abroad experience, use this website to link to member institutions’ study abroad programs. Click on the institution name; on the institution’s home page search for “study abroad.” Your student will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge by taking advantage of these opportunities.

Study Missouri promotes the advantages of international education for all students and their families, and invites you to learn more about the opportunities made available through our member institutions.