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Study Missouri Committees

Web and Marketing Committee

Chair: Kathy Trabue

The Web and Marketing Committee is responsible for the consortium’s website, development and purchase of marketing materials for events such as International Education Day and NAFSA Conferences, and continuing to develop the Study Missouri brand as a recognizable reflection of the organization’s members. This committee works to develop a broader support base from colleges, universities, companies and individuals to strengthen Study Missouri and its impact on international education in the state.

 Membership and Finance Committee

Chair: Bert Barry

The Membership and Finance Committee reviews and revises the charter and by-laws of Study Missouri, as necessary. The committee also determines membership qualifications and dues, in concert with the treasurer, other officers and member representatives. Outside sponsorship efforts are coordinated by this committee as well. The Membership and Finance Committee works closely with the other Study Missouri standing committees, and with all members of the organization. The goal is to make sure every voice is heard and all resources are used effectively.

 Domestic Initiative Committee

Chair: Britta Wright 

The Domestic Initiatives Committee is a subcommittee of the Study Missouri Consortium responsible for the planning and coordinating of projects for students, faculty and staff who are involved in international education within the state of Missouri.  Specifically, this committee coordinates workshops and conference participation on behalf of the members of Study Missouri.  (e.g. the coordination of materials and manpower for International Education Day and the booth at NAFSA.)  This committee is also concerned with advancing international and multicultural opportunities for Missouri students.

 Legislative and Policy Committee

Chair: Chris Sulincevski  

The Legislative and Policy Committee, as a subcommittee of the Study Missouri Consortium, is responsible for the planning and coordinating of state and national lobbying efforts, as well as timely dissemination of informing to the consortium members of important political news and legislative policy changes pertaining to immigration and international education. The Committee informs and educates the consortium members on new SEVP/SEVIS processes and regulations.  It also seeks for suitable grant opportunities for the consortium. The committee collaborates with other Study Missouri Consortium committees in organizing the International Education Day at the State Capitol, the NAFSA annual conference participation, etc. In 2010, the committee helped champion the joint resolution SCR 31on international education through the Missouri House and Senate.   

 International Initiatives Committee

Chair:  Joy Stevenson 

The International Initiatives Committee is a subcommittee of the Study Missouri Consortium responsible for promoting the consortium and its members abroad.  The committee aspires to further advance Missouri as a study destination by effectively communicating the benefits of a higher education experience in the state.  In addition, the committee supports member institutions by providing information regarding opportunities for international recruitment efforts.

Education Abroad Committee


The Education Abroad Committee is responsible for promoting education abroad opportunities to Missouri’s higher education students; facilitating the development of students’ cultural awareness; and encouraging the internationalization of Missouri institutions.